Mexican Blanket

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Mexican Blankets

Mexican blanket is used to provide exceptional warmth, stuffing, and padding in winters. An alternative term for an authentic Mexican blanket is serapes blankets or Baja blanket. A large Mexican blanket is being used for lots of purposes like a yoga mat, table covers, and mattress blankets. Most of the gyms and yoga studios are using a Mexican blanket in their own way. Vintage Mexican blanket brings a point of interest to rooms, walls, gyms, and studios with a lot of unique and colorful design patterns to exhibit the tradition and culture of Mexico.

Origin of the Mexican Blanket

Are your house cooler in winters and you need to get up from your bed, again and again, to turn up your heater? No worries, drug rugger helps you to choose the best Mexican blanket to keep yourself warm during the cold nights without making you feel that you’re living in freezing temperatures. Let’s have a detailed view of its invention.

History of Mexico shows that the Mexican blanket was just a piece of clothing initially worn by a poorer working boy to cover himself from outer temperature. The drug rug blanket was in the form of a poncho or Mexican blanket hoodie with an opening hole for the head and shoulders to pass through it. The shape of the Mexican blanket jacket was rectangular and mostly used by people to wrap their bodies as a shawl or a small queen size Mexican blanket against cold weather. After that, the trend changed gradually and hand-woven Mexican blanket type poncho turned into a Mexican blanket or a Baja blanket.

Types of Mexican blankets

Mexican Blanket fabric has been made all over the country under different techniques and machinery. Every authentic Mexican blanket has its uniqueness, color patterns, and design. Traditional Mexican blanket commonly called Baja blankets and made up of blended natural fabric cotton and wool. Blended fibers are now being replaced with acrylic, polyester, and acrilon to maximize quality and warmth. Some colorful Mexican blankets are wearables while some aren’t. Wearable Mexican blanket comforter includes ponchos that feature with an opening hole in the middle for the head and at sides for shoulders. Crochet Mexican blankets fall under the category of wearables authentic Mexican blankets. Once you visit Mexico don’t forget to take a hand-woven Mexican blanket to your home. Let’s have a tour on its various types:

Real and authentic blanket

Real blankets are considered as a common and most important accessory of the room, especially in cold weather. Real and authentic king-size Mexican blankets are those that are used on beds to cover the body as well as in sitting position. These traditional Mexican blankets have a cubic or square pattern with different eye-catching colors. Heavy Mexican blankets are formed of wool, acrylic, and polyester to keep the human body warm.

The Embroidered Mexican blanket

These are the perfect and best representative Mexican blanket of Otomi culture with colorful artistic designs. Otomi textiles consist of handmade animals and plant designs.

The Mexican Serape

Mexican serape or Baja blanket is used as a TV blanket, wall decorations, and table cover to give a beautiful look to your home. The name of the Baja blanket itself gives a blink of traditional Mexico designs that are originated from the city of Saltillo. The Mexican serape is a wearable drug rug blanket worn by people and it has been seen in the pictures from the Mexican past that once it was a part of the culture.

Ways to use Mexican blanket

Mexican blanket has become a hot topic to discuss among consumers in winters due to its versatility, eye-catching colors, design, uniqueness, and diverse usage. The original large Mexican blankets are made up of churro wool and pass through a dye to have a bunch of bright and exciting colors. All aren’t bright, few of them are dull in color to reflect the material that has been used and the origin of its creation. Mexican Baja blankets in drug ruggers are affordable and durable, so they work well as traditional Mexican blanket to décor home either as a blanket or a rug. You can use them for multi-purposes. Some ways are elaborated below:


The fiber of the Mexican blanket is durable, never gets stuck in the grass and can be used as an excellent piece of cloth for outdoor places. Lay it on the ground and protect yourself from dirt and grass stains. Some people find Mexican blanket comforter the best mat for their children to sleep on it like for cowboys or toddlers. You can also add bags to your camping journey such as Mexican Backpacks.

Work out

Baja blankets are known due to its multi-purposes among which yoga mat is listed above. Mexican blanket can be turned into excellent Yoga mats that you can’t feel the hardness of the ground. Vintage Mexican blankets are not only bounded to yoga mats but for other exercises too like strengthening push-ups, squat jumps and sits ups. you can mold heavy Mexican blanket according to your need for time.

Riding cover

Baja blankets were formerly used as saddle or burden blankets for horses or donkeys when people had to ride. Still, Mexican blanket fabric is supporting the functionality and performing well as a saddle in versatile fashion.

For Snuggling Up

Everyone in winters finds ways to keep himself warm but maintaining a fashionable and stylish look. The core purpose of the Mexican Baja blanket is to warm up your body against the freezing temperature. Put it on your bed and get a deep peaceful nap!

Table cover

A variety of Mexican Baja blankets have been seen in the Drug rugger store in a different southwestern style, design and color patterns. This feature makes it uses it as a side table cover. Protect your table from scratches and dings with the help of a Mexican blanket.

Wall decoration

Mexican blankets can be used as a traditional wallpaper to exhibit the versatility, heritage, and specialty of Mexican’s.

Mexican Yoga blanket

Yoga Mexican blankets material is usually formed of wool and cotton in beautiful and artistic design patterns. Mexican blanket pattern is different in some perspectives from the normal blanket that we use in our daily routine as it’s a thicker, massive and sturdier traditional Mexican blanket to get a comfortable feel while using it in different Yoga poses. One of the best features of the Mexican Baja blanket that makes it like a demanding hot cake in the bakery is that it can be used as yoga blankets. This is due to high durability, elasticity and formation quality of it.

Best Choice for your Love

If you’ve visited Mexico once in your life and didn’t get anything special for your loved ones then it must be a point of regret. Don’t put yourself into a pool of regrettable thoughts and buy Mexican blanket clipart as a wonderful wedding gift or anniversary gift to your soulmate or loved one. Certainly, the Mexican blanket flower would be the sign of your love, affection, care, and sincerity because Mexican Baja blankets maintain their durability and elasticity after multiple times of washing. If you’re surrounded by Yogi then purchase one hand-woven Mexican blanket in Yoga size mat to make them feel special.

Where you can buy

Cotton Mexican blankets are formed of soft cotton in a rectangular shape. People of North-eastern Mexico are known for their manufacturing and development. If you’re like from where I can buy a Mexican blanket then turn your direction towards Saltillo, capital of North-eastern Mexico. Mexican blankets tiger is formed from initial to final phase in the Saltillo region. Due to the affiliation or association of its manufacturing wool Mexican blankets in Mexico are termed as saltillos blankets.

Final Thoughts

The versatility, warmness, soft fabric and eye-catching colors make Mexican blanket a perfect mat for toddlers, youngsters or old age people. The versatility of Baja blankets creates a wish for people to buy Mexican blankets and have more collection in every style and design. Then what you’re looking for? Drug Rugger is just a click away, select a Mexican blanket jacket or drug rug blanket and order your demanding piece from anywhere!

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