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Drug rug (also called Drug rug hoodie, Mexican blanket sweater, and Mexican sweater) is a type of Hooded Mexican jacket with a large pocket in front. It is usually hand woven with vertical and horizontal striped pattern all over.  It has a comfy and warm material and is usually made with Cotton, Polyester and Acrylic. Baja Clothes are also made with recycled material.


Drug rugs are the cultural clothing wear of Mexican Heritage.  Also known as Baja hoodie, it found popularity in Baja California in 1970s. The American Surfers on their surfing trips bought them from shops around the beaches due to cool weather. Originating from thick Mexican Blankets called ‘Jerga’, Drug rugs were worn traditionally by Local and Mexican-American youth.

As the popularity grew in America, the drugrug came to be known as the stoner’s clothing. Its name was associated with the Drug culture in America, thus the name ‘Drug Rug’. Baja jackets are also very in with the Hippies to this day. Hippie clothes often have a vintage Mexico feel with Baja blanket like material. Thus, Baja clothing is often referred with Hippies, Surfers and Stoners.

Drug rug sweater is worn by all stoners in the music and fashion industry and their followers including the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Dave Mathews. Now days, it is a common thing to wear a Baja hoodie in daily life, but still some people will refer to the person as a drug user. It is also a hot wear in Film Industry. Many actors wore it in a role to depict their characters who were drug addicts. Sean Penn wore it for his film “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. Luke Perry’s Beverly Hills also portrayed Baja Jackets as a fashion of California. By 90s, Mexican Outfits became a symbol of lifestyle in America and gained popularity among the teenagers.


Hippies are mostly attracted to Baja hoodies and rug wear as they think of it as an icon of being cool. Thus the name hippie rug has also been given to these cute rugs. As the hippie clothes are mostly the ones in fashion and up-to-date, Baja pullovers are considered to be the fashion trend for this decade. The trend for Hippie Baja Costumes is also increasing in the society. Due to this, the simple Baja sweatshirts are now being customized into zippers and ponchos.

There are many type of Baja clothing. Some of them are mentioned below:


Also known as Baja Hoodie or Mexican Hoodie, this was the basic clothing wear which gained popularity in Baja California. Baja Jacket was the main inspiration behind the name drug rug which originated as this product got related to the stoner community. Baja or Drug rug sweater is the traditional wear of local Mexican people. It came forward from the Jerga blankets which Mexicans used to wear for centuries. Some people carried this concept and made them into hoodies and jackets. Drug hoodies are unisex and are equally popular for men and women. Till this day, the Baja sweatshirts are popular and their trend is growing fast. Baja hoodies are also popular due to Baja Joe, a resort in operation whose owner wore this hoodie, thus named Baja Joe Drug Rug.


Mexican Blankets are being made for centuries and are hand woven with Mexican threads. These thick, warm Baja blankets are vintage and have a unique look. Also known as Jerga blankets, they have different sizes and unique patterns. Mexican Blanket patterns include flowers and stripes etc. The fabric may be made up of wool or cotton and is usually very heavy.  Drug rug Blankets are slowly gaining popularity in US and other countries due to the fashion trend of Drug Rugs.


Mexican Ponchos are also trending this year. These ponchos are very popular with the girls and women. Baja Ponchos resemble sweater in some way but don’t have sleeves in it. Drug Rug Ponchos are also made of same material and are warm and comfy. They are often mixed up with jackets due to which the drug rug is also called Mexican Poncho Hoodie.


Also known as Baja Backpacks, they have the same material of a Drug Rug. These bags are mostly known as Mexican bags yet they were only inspired by Mexican rugs. Mexican style rugs brought forward the concept of these bags. Men and Women drug rug bags are available in Baja shops.


Mexican Hat or a Baja Hat is also made up of drug rug fabric. Drug rug hats are also striped in pattern and are known to be popular in US. They are available in multiple colors and are both for men and women.

Other than this, Drug rug apparel also includes Rasta drug rug, Hawaiian rugs, Mexican parka and Rug apparel.

Now days, the Drug rugs are being sold in stores all around USA. The timeless quality and feel of Baja Hoodies is attracting many brands to design and sell Mexican drug rug. A simple Mexican shirt being sold for up to $2000 in some of the brands today is enough proof to say that Baja hoodies are not going down in trend in the upcoming Decade.


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