Baja Backpack Cobalt White Black


  • Unisex
  • Approximate size : 18 x 14 X 5.5 inch; 11.4’”
  • Hand or Machine Wash cold, gentle cycle
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Bag size: 18 x 14 X 5.5 inch; 11.4’’ shoulder drop

  • Large hippie backpack purse with 2.5-inch-wide shoulder strap; Adjustable strap length: 22 inches; Baja backpack bag size: 18 x 14 X 5.5 inch; 11.4’’ shoulder drop

Are you looking for a hippie backpack purse to make a statement of your refusal to conform? This boho purse backpack is the answer. The comfortable and easy to carry boho hemp backpack adds an earthy boho vibe to any outfit and fits the essentials. Unlike a sling crossbody bag or string sack bag, this hippy backpack has wide straps allowing weight to be distributed nicely, helping to eliminate unwanted back pain. Deviating from orthodox customs and embodying fun, gypsy, and nonconformist energy, this ethnic woven hippie backpack is full of personality yet simple, practical, and multifunctional.

The ethnic-looking baja backpack bag is not only hip, urban, and fashionable, but also suitable for any multitude of day and overnight activities. There is plenty of space in the boho purse backpack to keep things organized. The exterior small pockets with coconut buttons work perfectly for little items such as keys, cellphone, glasses, cosmetics, chap stick, or candy bars. The boho drawstring backpack purse main space can hold a light jacket, camera, water bottle, pad, small umbrella, book, light laptop computer, binder, blanket, or pretty much anything else which is not too bulky or heavy.


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