5 TRENDIEST Ways You Can Style Your Baja Hoodie

 Baja hoodie is a staple garment that can be worn by anyone of any age and gender . It proves itself to be a Mexican blanket that everyone can use to express themselves through wearing its different versatile styles, colors, and hoodies. As this is a jacket that holds such power of self-expression, its important that one knows how to pair it with the perfect clothes to make it the center of attention. Some ways you can wear and style your Drug rug are:


shirt under hoodie drug rug

Getting a size or two above your normal wearing size, can never not prove itself to give you a baggy laid back style all the while making you feel comfortable at the same time. Pairing an oversized Baja style hoodie with shorts and a pair of boots can never go wrong. And will be the perfect outfit for your day to day errands or causal meetups with your friends.

2. On top of a dress

cool drug rugs

Matching your favorite contrasting Baja hoodie over a less contrasting and a light flowy dress would be the perfect wear. The flowy dress will add femininity to the outfit and a casual feel. Meanwhile, the Baja hoodie will give it a more urban look and tie the whole outfit together.

3. Shirt under hoodie

baja style hoodie

As these drug rugs are hoodies in nature, they can be worn over a regular shirt. So if you’ve been wondering what to wear as a cute outer to top your outfit off with during the winters, then the Baja hoodie would be the perfect fit. Pair the hoodie with a shirt underneath it along with some mom jeans and a solid color beanie to give you that easy-going, relaxed fit and feel.

4.Leather jackets

drug rug outfits

A great way to top your Baja style hoodie can be through leather jackets! They will prove themselves to be a great statement piece, adding texture and personality to your complete outfit and look. So wear this Mexican poncho as it is, along with some solid black skinny jeans to bring attention to the colors of the poncho and top it all of with a dark-colored leather jacket and boots. Hence, becoming the perfect streetwear.

5. Shorts

how to tie jacket strings

Another great way you can match these Baja style hoodies is by pairing them with shorts. These shorts once matched with an oversized Baja hoodie will be the perfect day to day look. Tie the jacket strings together and ankle boots to tie the whole look together and add some drama to the outfit. So with these simple changes, you can shift your day outfit look to a night out look

In the end, no matter what or how you style your Drug rugs, it all comes down to how you want to express yourself. How you want others to see you as. And Baja hoodies are the perfect garment for it due to its versatility. Wear it as a casual day to day outfit. Or wear it for a relaxing day out with your friends, it will always be perfect for every occasion.

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