How To Wash A Mexican Blanket: The Complete Guide

Mexican blankets have been around for ages, their unique and colorful design have attracted customers and fans from all over the world. They look great and are super comfortable to use.

 Most of their comfortability comes from the fact that they’re made out of cotton, the ones that we here at DrugRuger offer are made from the finest of materials. This makes them super light and easy to use. But it does pose a serious question. Can you wash a Mexican blanket and if so How do you go about washing one?  

How to wash a Mexican blanket:

Washing in Coldwater:

Washing mexican blankets

If you do a lot of traveling and like to keep one with you then you’re going to notice that it usually gets very dirty towards the end and in such a case you’re going to need a thorough wash

Usually, Mexican blankets are made from a variety of different materials so washing them gets a little tricky but don’t worry we have got you covered just follow the simple steps in the guide and you’ll be fine.

So let’s start off by choosing the temperature of the water you’re going to use, ideally for cotton the best temperature would be cold so you should start with that.

Solo wash:

Washing mexican blankets

Place your Mexican blanket in the washing machine, you can wash up to 4 blankets at a time, depending on your washing machine that is. Just be sure to wash them separately as their will likely bleed in the first few washes.

Adding detergent:

mexican cotton blankets

Next, up place the detergent of your choice into the washing machine. You should consider adding a fragrant detergent, as sometimes it’s hard to remove smells from cotton. Also, keep in mind that fabric softeners are a big NO when it comes to washing Mexican blankets. Also, be sure to carefully remove all of the detergents as the leftover detergent can cause some problems for people with sensitive skin. You can find out more here.

Lastly, turn on the washing machine, and remove the clothes after you are done.

Drying the clothes:

drying clothes

Now you have to dry them, although washing machines do offer a drying cycle it’s recommended to use air drying for these types of blankets. Take then out and hang them in the sun for a few hours, this will surely remove any water that’s left behind.

There you go now you know how to wash a Mexican blanket. And now you’re Mexican blanket is clean and smells amazing. 


Why can’t you dry a blanket in a heat dryer?

Heat drying a blanket can tighten the stands of cotton and considering that most of the Mexican blankets are actually a blend of material it can result in an uneven look.

Can you wash a Mexican blanket in a washing machine?

Considering that they are cotton-based and sometimes even wool Mexican blankets, you can surely wash them in a washing machine. You just have to be careful about some stuff, like the temperature or the dies.

Is it normal for the Mexican blankets to stiffen up?

After the drying process, this is pretty common especially since you shouldn’t use a fabric softener. But don’t worry it will get corrected after a few days of use.

What are Mexican blankets made out of?

They are usually made out of a cotton blend, but you can also find ones made out of wool.

What are the fuzzy Mexican blankets called and are they warm?

They are called Mexican Cobija and yes they can be very warm, it usually spends on the material they’re made out of.

Why are Mexican blankets used for yoga?

They are used for yoga because of the extra cushioning that they provide. Flexibility training can be a lot easier and safer if you’re doing it on a padded blanket.

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