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How to Make a Mexican Poncho 【Quick & Easy Way】

Mexican ponchos are one of the most versatile outfits you can get, they can be used as raincoats to protect yourself from the weather, or can be used to give yourself a stylized look, they were even used in the military, did we mention that they make awesome last-minute costumes as well. All of this showcases the immense diversity that ponchos have to offer.  

 In this guide, we will show you how to make a Mexican poncho costume and a poncho raincoat. With this super easy Mexican poncho DIY guide, you’ll be able to make cheap and trendy ponchos in less than an hour. 

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How to make a baby Mexican poncho:

homemade mexican poncho

Halloween may be super enjoyable for the little ones, however, they are that much stressful for the parents. Especially if you have to make or purchase a costume within an hour. After Halloween when the adults get together stories like these often popup. 

If you’re in a similar situation then you don’t need to worry we have come up with a solution that is both super easy and fun to do. So what is this last-minute costume, well it’s a poncho of course.

They’re super diverse, have vibrant colors, and are really fun to craft. So let’s get to making one shall we!

Assemble the materials:

Ok so firstly you’re going to want to assemble the materials that we require. You going to need some fabric of the color and design that attracts you the most, mini pom-poms, a sewing kit, and of course scissors.

Cut the fabric:

In the first step we have to cut our fabric, so to do that you have to measure the height and width of the poncho you want.  For the fabric, you can even use a blanket.

Use a measuring tape for precise measurements. Measure your child height from their shoulders to however long you want your their poncho to be. 

Note: An easy way to do this would be to multiply your child’s height by two and leave an inch for of free space. Or you could just use a shirt that fits them well as a standard for measurement.

Making a cut for the head:

Next cut an oval shape from the middle of the poncho for the head. If you feeling adventurous then you can even attach a v-neck to make it look professional. 

Next, attach the mini pom-poms to both sides of the poncho, finally get your baby a sombrero, and you’re done. this technique can be scaled up and the same principles and can be used for adults as well.

How to make a Mexican poncho; Video tutorial:

For those of you who prefer watching a video rather than reading, we have got you covered. In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of how to make your very own rain poncho.

Ponchos as raincoats:

mexican poncho fabric

The versatility of ponchos doesn’t stop there, they can be used as not only costumes but as beach accessories, in hiking an obviously as a raincoat. Although their use as raincoats has been popularized in the recent years, however, this idea was conceived much earlier. You can find out more here.

Rain ponchos can be especially very useful, in outdoor events like concerts or games where rain can ruin everything. To avoid being drenched in the heavy rain you can quickly craft a poncho with just a plastic bag a pair of scissors.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow.

  • Take a sheet of nylon and fold it in half 
  • Now measure your dimensions and cut the exact length and width of the poncho that you want. You will have to cut it in an oval shape to get that traditional poncho look. 
  • Now simple cut it from the middle, this will be for your head to come out so cut accordingly.
  • Lastly, make some one-inch incisions where you cut the sheer for your head. Now sew them together so they don’t bug you while you wear them.
  • An additional feature would be to add a cap, in that case, you will have to cut the cap first and then sew it on your poncho. This will transform your simple poncho to the ultimate weather-resistant outfit.

So that was all, hope you now know how to make a Mexican poncho, and hope you’ll have fun making it.



What is a Mexican poncho called?

A traditional mexican poncho can be called a Sarape or even a Jorongo.

How do you clean Mexican ponchos?

You simply have to hand wash them, just make sure you’re gentle while rubbing.

Who wears Mexican ponchos?

They were originally won by the native American of hands, however these days due to their immense versatility and style they have penetrated the fashion industry in such a way that they’re won’t by people through the world.

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