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Trendy Fasion Styles For 2021 [Streetwear, VSCO, & more]

Everyone wears a piece of fabric; what separates us from all is our fashion style. The statement we carry and make through a mere piece of cloth is something worth the attention. However, there are multiple types of styles, and some say they have the one that none other has. We do not know that somewhere out there is doing the same, just like there are seven similar people exited on this planet Earth.

Today, we will explore some new types of fashion styles and see which one were you following after all. However, if none of the below clothing styles matches you, do let us know in the comment section which one you are carrying today.

Fashion Styles


It is one of those types of fashion that is for free-spirited people. You can keep it classy with bold prints and enhance it with multiple jewelry options. Some call it a hippie style type; well, in 2021, it is an adaptation of hippie style.

list of clothing styles

Those who want to go for Boho types of clothing styles choose earthy colors and do not go for fittings.


This is where you carry different fashion styles of the 70s and 80s. Although everyone has at least one vintage dress, it is not too late if you do not have any. Try to have a dress of the past times, and wear it on a classy day.

A flapper dress will go for parties, and you will look different and aesthetic from all.


Well, I am not going to lie, it is one of my favorite styles of clothing. It gives me the edge of comfort in awkward college schedules and after-parties. Also, I look different from most of the girls at the parties, so yeah.

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If you are going for this style today, then it doesn’t include fitted jeans. But it is more of a baggy style that also includes blazers and more. A Mexican poncho will make an excellent tomboy look. 

Girl Next Door

More than a fan moment for all of us, it has become an exciting type of fashion. Besides being inspired by that masterpiece, there is a new addition to this type of fashion, such as shoes, jeans, and t-shirts that may or may not have graphics.

Nonetheless, this fashion style is not for you if you have an intimidating party to attend or if you want to give a bold statement.

VSCO Girls

We all know these styles of clothes because of the VSCO app. However, it has more to that; now, this style statement is inspired by your fellow social media users, such as on Tiktok and Instagram.

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It includes long shirts of hip length with short jeans. Besides the clothing, this style requires you not to tie your hair. Also, you can enhance your look with multiple friendship bands, necklaces, and various beaded bracelets. For bags you can also see this Mexican collection.

Streetwear style

These Fashion styles are not just in the streets anymore. However, you can find someone having a streetwear style in a party, in co-curricular activities, in the malls, and on prominent social media platforms.

It is somewhat like a freestyle but with fitting. For instance, you can have joggers, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, denim, and shorts with fringes. To give a touch of streetwear, different clothing styles are worn with a headband. It is a matter of choice.

Office wear

Now here comes the two options one the formal wear and the other is casual office wear. Both are classy. However, you can not replace a formal office dress with casual office wear. But you can replace casual office wear with a formal office dress.

Remember, whenever you are going to an office meeting you can wear a suit with a matching tie and women can go in skirts and trousers. Nevertheless, there are suits for women as well. However, for casual office wear, you can have jeans with a button-down shirt or polo t-shirt.

There are the types of style for your office, choose one according to the requirement.

Cosplay Clothing

It is itself a diverse Fashion style. Nonetheless, you can dress like the characters; you can wear wigs, copy the make-up, and so much more.

fashion types


Most commonly known as the e-girl aesthetic, it is the favorite wear of teen girls. There is a surprising realization that we are too old for barbies; there is too pink in our life. It is time to paint our lives red.

This may seem funny, but we all have been there, and every age brings its charms. For black lovers, it is an opportunity to dress in black every day until spring makes a comeback.

Maternity Clothes

Fashion has different styles, and some are dependent on a particular time in your life, such as these maternity clothes. For Phoebe’s fan, the Santa’s pants will do the trick, but as Monica said, this could be a classy time.

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Therefore, maternity frocks, skirts, and plenty of other dresses in the market you can wear during pregnancy and after birth. Besides these types of clothing styles, the latest trend is giving birth with make-up on.

Hip Hop Style

No matter how many times you deny it, I will never believe that a US resident never thought to try Hip hop types of styles. Well, for me I love it for its bomber and baseball jackets. These are neutral and turns out to be an excellent gift.

Jumpsuits are one of the most common and most loving hip-hop styles. Also, it never goes old, at least for a US resident.

A long list of different types of fashion styles exists; however, these are the top ones you will see any day and the ones you can try without making a  fashion blunder. Nonetheless, the Fashion styles depend on the person and his liking and disliking.

For example, you can follow your ideal, your favorite singer, actor, anime, and your guts. Be fierce and never be afraid of dipping into fashion because it is a wonderfully diverse world. It is the right time to get your hands on Drug Rugs.

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