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Mexican Poncho

Mexican poncho, a popular type of garment among women of all ages has a space or a hole for head and shoulders to pass through with unsewn sides. Baja poncho has become a sign of luxurious fashion during winters and autumns in western countries. The traditional Mexican poncho was found in two distinct designs and styles formerly and was used to keep the body warm against hard and harsh weather conditions. Now poncho Mexican has been used as a top on pants and drops to the waist. Authentic Mexican ponchos are often made from wool and other warm fabric. The soft and warm Clint Eastwood poncho keeps your back and shoulders away from chilled air. Mexican poncho costumes keep your body to work freely and comfortably without creating hurdles.

History of the Mexican poncho

Every style of today’s era was once a necessity of older people. After that, necessity turned into a fashion and every one of us ran to adopt that fashion by hook or by crook. Mexican poncho was just a piece of cloth in a rectangular or square shape with a hole in the middle of it. Authentic ponchos were similar to Mexican poncho blankets used by the Native Americans of Andes to keep themselves safe from outer weather situations. In the 1850s, Mexican ponchos were considered as a necessity of the US military who had to defend themselves. These Mexican ponchos for men were their rain clothing as well as a sleeping sheet during the American Civil war. In short, the good, the bad and the ugly ponchos were used by workers, hunters and campers and their whole comfort luggage consisted of a Mexican wool poncho. Today, the time has been changed and Mexican Baja ponchos are available via physical shops or online stores in a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles.

Mexican Ponchos at a Bigger screen

Mexican ponchos have been seen as a necessary item in everyone’s wardrobe and exhibited by the majority of the outlets. The famous actor, Clint Eastwood grabbed the attention of the people when he introduced Clint Eastwood poncho at the bigger screen in one of his films that were made in 1964. Not only this but incompetent and well-known prime ministers like George Bush or Japanese prime minister has been seen in Mexican Poncho for men at Economic cooperation in 2008.

Baja Style Mexican poncho

Are you crazy about your music festival because you are going to have more fun, dance, and party all night with your friends but panic about the costume? No worries, Mexican poncho costume would be a better piece of clothing for celebrating your happiness with your loved ones. The reason for choosing Mexican poncho is its versatility, stylish fashion accessory, fun, and attractiveness.  Let’s see in detail why people should choose Mexican poncho for their event celebrations.


It’s human nature that he/she becomes bored by wearing the same style and design in different colors again and again. You’re not bound to wear old patterned T-shirts with outdated jeans or leggings in every party. Mexican poncho makes you an amazing and bold person every time in every design. Go for something unique and inventive that describes your personality in your own way.


In the cold nights where music and beer are at the climax and you want to celebrate your night with full spark but can’t do due to your uncomfortable outfit. Mexican poncho costume or hippie-poncho keeps you away from such worries. You can dance comfortably the whole night with a stylish and relaxed outfit. Mexican poncho gives you free hand to move your body at any angle and doesn’t make you feel agitated or worried in front of your friends and beloved ones.


Mexican poncho is the most versatile piece of clothing ever being seen in women garments. Always try to buy things that can be used as an alternative to many other things at the same time. Baja poncho women can easily be molded into a dress, decoration, shirt, rain jacket, scarf, shirt, and picnic blankets. Women’s Mexican ponchos keep you warm during cold winter nights and cool during hot sunny days.

Then, what you’re waiting for? Go and shop around Drug Rugger to fill your wardrobe with versatile, unique and vibrant hippie authentic ponchos.

Type of Mexican Baja ponchos

Always take care of what you wear must match your personality in the right way. Baja ponchos find to be a worthy investment for every girl of every age. A lot of variety has been seen in markets that every girl dreamed to have all in just one click. Sometimes it becomes confusing for girls that which one should she buy. Let’s check out the types of Baja rasta ponchos:

Rain poncho

Mexican rain ponchos are made from hard and tough material that prove to resist raindrops and never let water get into it. Mostly, rain real Mexican ponchos are made from nylon and vinyl due to its lightweight and waterproof properties. Rain ponchos from Mexico save Men or women from snow and rain at their fieldwork. Colombia has been considered as the origin of the rain ponchos and prepares Baja ponchos from ideal thicker fabric. Mexican rain ponchos are at knee length with covered shoulders and for the more trendy look, you can also wear a belt.    

Hooded Poncho

Baja poncho hoodie is featured with unsewn sides and no armholes. Baja poncho hoodie is used to provide extra warmth to your back in the rainy season. Drug rug ponchos are in trend and give an elegant look to anyone who wears a cap attached to it.


It’s a traditional Mexican style poncho that represents the culture and heritage of Mexico. It is also called by serape, gaban and Baja poncho. Mexicans weave it by their hands like a Mexican poncho blanket with beautiful and artistic design patterns in vibrant colors.

Mexican style Baja poncho

The symbol of Mexico’s tradition is Mexican Baja poncho with a hole in the center that wraps up the neck in beautiful and dynamic color patterns. Baja poncho hoodie is being worn as an extra piece of clothing over multiple layered clothes to keep the body warm from all directions.

Key Factors of Mexican Ponchos

A man always looks for comfort, style, fabric and low price in one product while purchasing. Mexican ponchos are available in every range depending upon the customer’s choice and size of the pocket. Some following keys may help you in choosing the best quality Mexican poncho:


Handwoven Mexican wool ponchos are diverse in wool density and wool density can be divided into segments. Closer the wool loops mean more efforts are required to complete it and it would be a long-lasting one.


if you are not aware of the shopping tricks then the weight of the drug rug poncho can give you some hints about its manufacturing material. Usually, handwoven Mexican wool ponchos are made from thick and high-quality material as compared to the ones that are formed in factories.


Girls are choosier in color combinations. Women’s Baja ponchos look great in vibrant and aesthetic dyes. So, choose a long-lasting color that matches best with your personality.


The core manufacturing material of Mexican style poncho is wool because it stays warm in winters and repels the cool breeze. So, Mexican wool ponchos are considered better than cotton cheap Mexican ponchos.


In the early decades, there was no fashion of Mexican ponchos and no men or women were really interested in buying this kind of stuff for their wardrobe. Now everyone is busy stuffing his/her wardrobe with the latest collections of Baja ponchos. No doubt, with times Mexican poncho costume has become an attractive and highlighting apparel and has spread from South America to every last corner of the world. Everyone is seen to be crazy like where to buy Mexican poncho and placing an order over Drug rugger for attaining the best traditional Mexican poncho first. You may also check our finest collection that includes Mexican blankets, Mexican poncho, etc

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