Mexican Backpacks

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Mexican Backpacks

Traveling isn’t only a journey it’s an investment to yourself to know about your inner thoughts, ideas, and soul. Travelling allows you to meet with yourself at the peak of the mountain where no one surrounds you but the cold breeze, clouds and your imaginations. It has been observed that geeks are passionate about roam about the wonderworld and want to cover the world before it covers them but they can’t stay outside without their luxurious accessories? Every problem or hurdle leads towards an opportunity to invent something new that never existed before.

Mexican Backpack is one of the user-intended items that facilitate passionate traveling geeks to come outside of their luxurious apartments and pack their whole comfy in one bag that is called a Baja backpack. Mexican backpack is a large size bag used to carry things from one place to another on your back. Let’s explore drug rug bag features in detail as below:

Top storage space

The major part of the Mexican bag is covered by the top storage space. Heavier and large items like clothes, blankets, ponchos and other accessories are used to put into it in a highly well-defined manner.

Stick hanger

Stick hanger is featured at the side of the Baja backpack. People use it to hang their fishing rod, camping stick, selfie stick, torchlight or an umbrella for a night and rainy days respectively.

Sub pocket

Every Mexican backpack has additional sub pockets at the front, left, right and backside. These pockets cover small things that have to be used again and again during the journey. For instance, small pockets may have hand wash or your sunblock.

The bottom of the zipper

Mexican backpack is a large bag having multiple zips crossing each other at an upper and lower level. These zips are opened to enlarge its size so that more space can be made for things. These amazing zips are similar to the ones we use in our Baja Hoodies.

Side mesh pockets

Travelers during hiking keep their energy drinks or water bottles at side mesh pockets of Baja backpack.   

Suspender handlers

Suspended handlers are used to put the bag on shoulders or hang it in space.

Why people use Mexican backpacks?

No one can’t be irrational throughout his life. This universe demands change, change in every cycle, process, and mechanism so as human body and mood do. It’s also a fact that a man can’t live without his daily needs so it would be a foolish decision if someone accepts this challenge and starts living in the forest without getting his accessories. Drug rugger gives you a facility to maintain balance and go outside in all your comfort and conquer the world.

Use of Mexican backpacks

Backpack in itself is a diverse term that can be used in various syntaxes. Let’s see where it can be used:


Do you love to climb mountains but feel thirst most of the time? Energy drink would be your companion to reach your destination but can’t hold it in hand? Baja Backpack pocket will hold it for you!


Want to make a hut far away from your home in a somewhat middle of the forest or mountains near a lake? Mexican Backpack packs your house from the roof to the floor mat in a single bag.


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