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Drug Rug Hoodie

The revolution always turns out fabulous things. Everything is undergoing a process of change concerning time especially the fashion industry. It’s not the age that makes us older but the outdated fashion.

What is Drug Rug hoodie?

Drug rug hoodie is a type of jumper, Mexican jacket or a full sleeve sweatshirt that features a man with the real definition of fashion. It is featured with large pockets on front and vents on the side and often decorated with drawstrings and horizontal stripes. Drug rug hoodie is also known as Baja hoodies due to the origin of its creation.  It is a popular outfit of the hippie subculture in Mexico and mostly worn by Mexican Americans in Mexican coastal towns.

Manufacturing stuff

Baja hoodie or men’s poncho hoodies are made up of a variety of materials including polyester, cotton, and acrylic. Its fiber is made up of recycled T-shirts fibers and efforts are made to make Mexican sweaters waterproof. Fast-drying is one of the most desiring elements that make a Mexican poncho hoodie suitable for rainy seasons. Some Mexican Blankets  has a soft lining, and regular patterns for extra comfort, style, and warmth for blankets.

How drug rug hoodies were invented?

Have you ever come across such guys who smoked in your college? The most common trick of identifying them is probably wearing a drug rug hoodie by all. In the early ’80s, no one considered the Baja hoodie as a civilized type of fashion. But in this era, It has become a cool or hippie type fashion that no one wants to let his winter pass without being cool. Now drug rugs can be seen everywhere either purchased from Baja, Mexico or California but few of us know the reason behind the invention of the Baja pullover. Let’s dive into the more depths:

The first drug rug hoodie – 12th century

The origin of the word hood came from Anglo-Saxon that has the same meaning as the word hat. Hooded garments are associated back to Medieval Europe or before. The outdoor workers used to wear tunics along with capes that were commonly known as chaperon. These capes were imported to England in the early 12’s when Normans conquest.

The first hooded Baja sweatshirt was sewed by a US company in the 1930s. The company decided to sew thicker materials drug jackets once in life in winters, they added hoods to all men Baja hoodies to keep their workers warm. Later on, all these drug hoodies or hooded sweatshirts were imported to the US military for training or sports purposes. After that, in 1976, Rocky gave an iconic status to hooded sweatshirts in sports drama that was based on a boxing story.

Early drug rug hoodie concept

Everyone adopts a unique fashion to describe himself without uttering a word. It is not wrong to say that a person’s first impression describes his personality without being indulging in deeper communication. We all human beings try to judge others by their looks like what he/she wears, what type of music he/she used to listen to or how does he/she like to spend his time etc. Judgment in the fashion industry is such a hardest and worst thing to experience. For instance, a person who isn’t affiliated with drugs or any type of narcotics even didn’t smoke in his life. Just ask him to wear a Baja pullover for one day. People will start asking him if he had smoked or gone through narcotics etc.

Revolution of time

Drug rug hoodie has a peculiar style but it is not bounded with ages, outdated civilization, gangsters outlook. A piece of clothing can’t be declared as a drug user outfit just because its name contains a “drug” word. It can be worn by anyone without age or gender restriction. Baja hoodie isn’t made for drug users but for people who want to comfort themselves with a unique, warmth and coziest style. Don’t wait and grab opportunities from drug rugger and shop whatever you want to get.

Targeted audience

Mexican Baja hoodies fall under the umbrella of a drug rug hoodie that gives a softer, warmer and outclasses look either for causal or a comfortable outfit independent of the forecast. People especially athletes or sportsman choose Baja hoodie as their first choice without jumping into the others. Drug rugger comes with lots of variety wears like you can wear Baja hoodie, T-shirt over multiple layered clothes because this style was designed for casual wear or sportswear.

Features of Baja hoodie

Mexican jacket or Baja pullover is great for everyday wear. The reason behind its daily usage is its premium quality that never lets its shine down. All Mexican Baja hoodies are loose and made up of cotton stuff depending upon the nature of the weather. Need is just to place an order for your demanding piece of cloth. The Mexican poncho hoodie in the drug rugger store is featured with front pockets, a zip or waistband, and a hood.

People wear Baja hoodies amazon with sweatpants due to 2-in-1 features, the first one is about its protectiveness that keeps the body safe and comfortable with waistband or zip. Zip or cuffs don’t allow the cool breeze to let in your warmer. The second feature helps cover the wearer’s head during cold or hot weather conditions. American eagle Baja hoodies are such a cozy and unrestrictive outfit that protects a man even during rain.


Hood saves a man from hot or cold weather, especially from rain.

Waistband or zip

Waistband never traps warmness. It is considered best for gym users, boxers or people who do exercise daily because it keeps them warm after surfing for their exercise. The warm and breathable feature makes it a demanding one for any occasion. It further goes with Mexican Backpacks and enhances your look

Front pockets

Front pockets are used to carry things or a perfect place to put your hands in for extra warmth.

Baja hoodie outfits

Fashion is strongly linked with ideas because it is a way of telling people who you are. So, pair a hoodie with a jacket, sweater or sweatshirt from drug rugger and get a stylish and killing look. Let’s see what other options work best:

Hoodie with a jacket

Grey or white hooded sweatshirts have a perfect match with leather or a bomber jacket. Skinny jeans and sneakers just nail the outfit. One can keep his body warm by wearing a Mexican Baja hoodie underneath the jacket.

Hoodie with a sweater

When it comes to staying warm in the freezing temperature with the stylish look then no one can beat the sweater with Baja hoodie combination. Every man keeps a pair of this style in his wardrobe either for formal or informal dressing.

Things to consider while buying drug Rug hoodie

Few things are necessary to consider like drug rugger consider it while entertaining its customers for a Baja hoodie:


All garments are made to be fit and slim in style but for some standards. If you want to buy a large size hoodie then go through its sizing standards.


The fabric of the outfit should be durable and abrasion-free. It should maintain its shape once it is stretched and must support the fast-drying process. Most of the drug rug hoodie is made of 60% polyamide and 40% cotton.

Finishing and detailing:

Finishing and detailing maximize comfort, warmth, and style. See what type of fibers have been used in Baja hoodie manufacturing.

Final Verdict

Few styles have remarkably changed the fashion industry as the Baja hoodie did. Drug Hoodies have become a sign of an iconic and versatile piece of clothing that can be paired with any other outfit. Knowing about the specs and origin of drug rug jackets and Mexican pullover it is easy to comprehend why Mexican sweatshirts or Mexico hoodies have become an essential item of everyone’s wardrobe.


Why is a drug rug called a drug rug?

They were called drug rugs because originally they were made from a special variety of hemp or cannabis.

Whats a drug rug mean?

It’s a hooded sweatshirt that is associated with the weed culture because of it’s origin and association with marijuana users/

Are drug rugs cultural appropriation?

Calling a Baja hoodie a drug rug can be considered offensive by some people, however as far as wearing it goes. There is no problem.

Do drug rugs shrink?

Yes, they can so avoid heat drying and using a fabric softener.

What is the real name of a drug rug?

It called a Baja jacket, Mexican thread hoodie, or a Baja hoodie.

What are those hippie sweaters called?

They are known as Baja hoodies.

Can you machine wash a drug rug?

Yes, you can. You can do both, hand wash them or machine wash them.

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