How To Wash A Mexican Blanket: The Complete Guide

Mexican blankets have been around for ages, their unique and colorful design have attracted customers and fans from all over the world. They look great and are super comfortable to use. How to wash a Mexican blanket: Washing in Coldwater: If you do a lot of traveling and like to keep one with you then […]

How to Make a Mexican Poncho 【Quick & Easy Way】

Mexican ponchos are one of the most versatile outfits you can get, they can be used as raincoats to protect yourself from the weather, or can be used to give yourself a stylized look, they were even used in the military, did we mention that they make awesome last-minute costumes as well. All of this […]

The Basics On How To Make A Baja Hoodie

How to make a Baja hoodie: Choosing the fabric: So first up is the choice of the Baja hoodie fabric you are going to get. Knit Baja hoodies are known for their patterned and somewhat dynamic designs. So you have to choose one that you like, these fabrics are usually cotton blends and can be […]

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